Monday, February 13, 2017

Armageddon-New film by Paul Larkin

Ok, so we are doing this differently this time. Firstly, there will be no tour. Instead this will premiere and be released on March 2nd, 2018. The book will also be released on that day. So when you come to the premiere, you will be able to get the DVD on the night. You'll also be able to download it the second the premiere finishes. 

The story is twofold, the conformation that Sevco are a Newco and the stories from the people who have a target on their backs for standing up for Celtic and telling the truth about Scottish football in the last five years. This will be the last film from me of this nature (unless something seismic happens) and it has to be done properly because we want something that every supporter can point at and say "There is the proof"

I need top people in every aspect of this and that's why we have to aim for a bigger budget, in this case £15,000. For that I get people with a wealth of experience who have worked with Hollywood stars and been on big budget films that premiered in Cannes. Even then, they are still taking a big pay cut to do this and my appreciation for that is limitless.

A few words about budgets for films.

You’ve got your low budget (under £2 million), your micro budget (under £150k) – this is a minute budget!  And a budget this small generally means that you’re entering the chaos world of self-distribution.  

When our director, Jah, worked on 15 Minutes that shook the World’ and Red and Blues, he managed to get the film into HMV at Christmas as well as Amazon and , but effectively it was self distributed – He had to take boxes of DVDs to HMV and other retailers – He had to fulfil the Amazon and orders (which made him well known in the local post office – no-one wanted to get stuck behind him with 3 bin bags full ready to be posted) – then there was the warehousing to sort out and pay for (a pallet of 6,000 DVDs were robbed from a lorry parked up in Aintree) - it was a ball ache.  But it was phenomenally successful. 

Once we get our budget (and I am going to be dedicating my life to do that) our aim after the premiere is to get it into film festivals. Most of them (if not all) want a film that has not received distribution so that suits us. 

Funding sounds easy, yes?  Not a chance.  There’s many a film that I’ve been involved with that has been stuck in development hell for want of a budget.  In fact, the whole film industry is filled with tales of woe about great projects that couldn’t get off the ground for lack of funding.  In the UK, if you approach an official funding organisation, you’d better be good at filling in forms, because there’s a mountain of them.  And then you’ve got to explain why you want to make the film in 100 words!  Jah had a meeting about a Dixie Dean film he was trying to get funded – that he is still trying to get funded! This is the story of the greatest goal scorer in the history of the English game – 60 goals in one season including a hat-trick in the final match against Arsenal – the first sportsman with a waxwork in Madame Tussaud’s, famed throughout Europe and known in America as the English Babe Ruth.  Jah was told it was too niche.  Five years later, he's still shaking my head with that one – too niche?  

The Walk On film that Jah produced had strong initial funding, but then, when we were trying to make the final push for the film’s completion and release, the funds dried up.  He still needed to pay for all of the rights – the songs, the photographs, the archive footage.  We ran a Kickstarter, and got national – even international – coverage.  From Singapore to the States, from the Daily Telegraph to the Metro, to the Liverpool Echo – Jah was even on LFCTV with Dean Saunders and Jan Molby - and as you can all appreciate, that’s the big time.  And there were a lot of people prepared to back the film. But as we approached the deadline, it looked like we were going to miss the target and the stress levels were through the roof…and then Jah got a phone call from BT.  ‘What are you doing with that film?  We’d be interested in buying that…’ and the rest is history. 

So film funding is often on a knife edge, right down to the wire – you’ve got to make sure everyone gets paid, all your rights are paid for and costs covered, and in order to do that, more often than not, you’ve got to appeal to people to stick their hands in their pockets and help you out because the major organisations would rather not take the risk.  But, The Asterisk Years and then Anyone But Celtic showed that it can be done.  Each film has got better, as the budget increased, and we want this one to be the best yet.  You and I both know, it has to be.

So what am I prepared to do? Well, I'm not taking any fee or pay for anything I do with this. It's just too important to me to get this story out. Secondly, I'll start the ball rolling with a £1000 investment. I'm not keen on asking anyone to invest in something I haven't done.

Key Dates:
Investment sought- Right away
Crowdfunding starts: March 31st
Social Media campaign starts: June 15th
Funding deadline-November 30th
Premiere-March 2nd 2018
DVD/Download release-March 2nd 2018
Book release-March 2nd 2018

Finally, the reason for this project is simple: There are two things I am sick of right now. The first is the ludicrous notion that Rangers weren't liquidated in 2012. It's the grossest lie ever told to Scottish football public. Secondly, I am sick of Celtic supporters being targeted for who they are and what they say. I go through this on a daily basis and I see many others that are the same. Except I have platforms to fight back and some others don't. So I am not prepared to sit back and watch them suffer in silence and fear.

I doubt you will either.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The 10 in a row elephant in the room

Tonight is a funny game. I've not seen any of the real build up that you normally associate with a Celtic V Aberdeen game and that worries me a bit. Aberdeen have ended unbeaten records at Celtic Park(and Pittodrie) before in midweek games and our injury situation doesn't help. That said, I still find it remarkable we are still talking about being unbeaten in February. It sort of drip feeds into the big picture: Our domination and can anyone stop us?

Dave King was supposed to do that wasn't he? I remember him talking about 20m, 30m, 50m, his children's inheritance and all that. Cut to today and things aren't really going to plan. Current CE Stewart Robertson has little or no clue what is going on as he is constantly undermined by John Gilligan and his Club 18-30 colleagues. Often he will get phone calls from other people in Scottish football asking him to explain another Ibrox statement and Stewart won't have a clue what the person is talking about. He does know, however, they made a monumental mistake claiming Celtic fans damaged Ibrox and he knows the consequences of that are still to come.

With Sevco's train coming fully off the rails, you just wonder what else certain aspects of Scottish football will try to come up with to stop us getting 10. A clue was given by ex St Mirren owner Stewart Gilmour, one of the most anti-Celtic men in the country, when he launched a personal attack on Peter Lawwell. As the tabloids splashed all over themselves with headlines like "LAWWELL RUNS SCOTTISH FOOTBALL" the devil, as usual, was in the detail. Stewart tried to defend his former club voting against league reconstruction whilst failing to divulge the reason that he gave in the room on the day "It's a Celtic proposal, so we are against it"

Sportsound is the platform for these views to be aired constantly with host Kenny Macintyre asking his hero, Barry Ferguson, on a weekly basis about 10 in a row. Kenny does this to keep the narrative live in the hope that someone, somewhere will come up with the masterplan to stop us,

In that vein, don't be surprised in the near future if you hear a proposal that runs along Heneken Cup terms. Because believe me, there are silly wee men in Scotland currently devising plans like this and others in the hope of an SPFL break up sooner rather than later.

Me? I'm more worried about Aberdeen tonight.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

No such thing as 'Fake News'

"There's no such thing as chicks with dicks, just dudes with tits!!!" is probably the line in a movie (Ted 2) I laughed at most in 2016. Sometimes you just need to hear something said bluntly to be like "Of course!!!" and, thankfully, I didn't need any personal experience to zing that one into my mind.

It is not difficult to pinpoint the time the Scottish MSM jumped the shark, it happened pretty much the day Sevco kicked their first ball at Glebe Park, Brechin in 2012. Since then, a web of lies has been spun better than a Pringle jumper in the borders of Scotland circa 1815. Leaving aside the usual trumpeters of Jackson, Jack and Williams, even some relatively sane journalists have bought in (or been bought off) to the ludicrous notion of the "same club" This has taken them to a level that is usually reserved for the Willie Frazer's of this world yet they actually demand to be taken seriously by the populous. This in turn has led to the likes of Barry Ferguson and Kris Boyd being elevated to the point where we are told their opinion matters. We are asked to respect two people whom throughout their lives have shown little, if any, respect for others. Barry Ferguson now is a regular Monday night feature on BBC's Sportsound. The official line is that it "provides continuity for the listener". The reality is it provides a platform for Barry to talk about ABC (Anyone but Clyde). Then there is Kris Boyd, a man who has found the perfect medium in Instagram to share his thoughts (For any huns reading, that's because he doesn't have to write). Kris was given a platform, again by BBC's Sportsound, to attack the incoming Hearts manager, Ian Cathro. This set a narrative of poison around Cathro who, as far as I can see, was guilty of nothing more than learning his occupation.

Dec 31st was a watershed in Scottish football. Celtic's win at Ibrox sent alarm bells ringing in the ears of everyone who banks on that blue pound. There had to be a change of narrative and there had to be money into Ibrox quicker than a Scott Sinclair dribble. So the ludicrous Red Bull Leipzig friendly was talked up like the World Cup final right up to the point of the fourth Red Bull goal. Then, Scotland awoke to the knowledge that it had a new saviour of the game in the form of the six million pound man Barrie MacKay. Well, that's a relief eh? I personally have been sitting around all of January praying that we would be saved and if anyone can do it, then Barrie must be that guy, eh? It was noticeable that this £6m bid, immediately dismissed as nonsense by Red Bull Leipzig, is still being talked about in the MSM as if it is real. Kind of like how they still talk about Bigfoot in Canada.

All this is done for one reason, the appeasement of the Sevco hordes.

We still live in a country where the MSM are simply the mouthpiece of certain people and there is even a phrase now been concocted "Fake News". Except it's not. They are lies. Nothing less. Lies with the agenda of  propping up the four year old club whilst attacking your senses.

And by the way, there are plenty dudes with tits in Scotland, you'll normally see them whispering in their ear.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Shut em down

Ibrox was a good day. Even against the tribute act that now play there, you want to put them in their place all the same. It did happen, right? Cause, like me, you could be forgiven in thinking it was all a dream. The media shutdown since has been amusing if not surprising. Sportsound didn't bother to release their post-game podcast and the evening show has conveniently shut down just now. You could argue, with no top flight football, that was inevitable but surely this was a golden opportunity to focus on the rest of Scottish football or do Barry Ferguson and Kris Boyd have no views on that?

I caught a bit of Sportscene on Saturday and, whilst confirming the game actually took place, there was a collective agreement that Sevco should have had the game won after 30 minutes. The thing is, they did, it's just that a game of football lasts 90 minutes or 95 if Sevco are losing.

This is all deflection of course.

Similar to the kind of guff being spouted by the press regarding Sevco's potential loan signings (The new Messi and Pirlo) whilst Celtic tie up an outstanding prospect from Africa for £3m and the first articles you see touted are about him leaving before he has even signed for us.

Yet we are told constantly that there is no agenda.

My own take is that a realisation has finally hit the Sevco propagandists that Celtic's domination of the Scottish game shows no sign of ending. In fact, it feels like we are only at the beginning. This was conversed beautifully by Stuart McCall who said Sevco "needed to sign Messi and Ronaldo to stop Celtic winning 10 in a row" That's the real Messi, not the new one mind.

In the meantime, Celtic go from strength to strength. Huge assets are on the club payroll whilst Virgil Van Dijk is soon to be responsible for a rather large cheque coming our way. More importantly, on the pitch we are blooming. The difference Brendan Rodgers has made to the likes of Armstrong, Forrest and Rogic is incredible and playing the Celtic Way is now back with a bang.

Not that you'd know it from the media in Scotland, of course.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Murray's Law

Newton's third law states that when one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body. I'm not sure if David Murray knew of this when he sold Rangers (IL) to Craig Whyte then helped Whyte guide the club to liquidation but I am going to hazard a guess that the second Whyte pleaded not guilty in court last week that, David Murray felt that equal force hit him back.

It wasn't meant to be like this.

Murray's plan was to ease Whyte in so he could be the liquidation fall guy and he(Murray) could wash his hands of the whole fiasco that was entirely his doing. The media of course lapped up Whyte initially and then were happy to bury him on the instructions of their old master. The one thing that they did not factor on was the colossal cojones of our dear Craigy boy. See, despite the thug life ramblings of a few bigots outside of court in Glasgow, don't think for one second that Craig Whyte has been bothered by any of this. Indeed, after the shit hit the fan at Ibrox, you may well think wee Craig headed for a bunker akin to Hitler's one in Berlin.

Not so.

He did spend a bit more time in Monaco and some in Costa Rica but for the main he set up camp in London's Mayfair district and pretty much did what he wanted. He met Prince at a London gig and also signed up to an exclusive "Sugar Daddy" website that saw him take out and bed scores of young, beautiful women. For a hefty fee of course.

Even going through a divorce, Whyte would state to his ex wife's lawyer that he would have "No qualms whatsoever" about taking his children for a walk through the streets of Glasgow (Not quite the same views as Cairngorms Park that they previously had the run of)

Where am I going with this?

Well, no one thought Craig Whyte would plead not guilty and open up the very real possibility that David Murray will have to appear in court. Murray spent a lifetime cultivating contacts among the Edinburgh Establishment to avoid things like that and believe me he is worried.

I'm not sure what well happen next, a lot of this has a whiff of Paul Burrell about it who famously didn't have to go to court after The Queen suddenly remembered the conversation he claimed they had had all along.

So potentially we are a few months away from that one glorious morning that will see David Murray having to talk in court about his part in Rangers liquidation.

The question in the meantime is, what force awaits Craig Whyte?

Monday, December 19, 2016

ABC shuts down for 2016

The tour that is, Bobby Madden showed on Saturday that the mentality is still alive and well.

Philadelphia kicked off the north American leg of the tour and huge props to the Philly No1 CSC who put on a gig despite circumstances that would test the patience of Pope Francis. Firstly, they had two venues cancel on them, one the day before the gig, so to still get it to go ahead, and be such a great night, is kudos to them. They also dealt with a strange apathy from the new club in the city which I personally have dealt with before in a few places. For whatever reason, you sometimes get people who just won't have anything to do with an event because it is being organised by someone else. An utterly bizarre attitude towards a Celtic event but there you go. It happens all over the world but that doesn't make it any more mind-boggling when people put personal politics before Celtic. With this in mind, I can't thank Mike, Tom and Jim for rising above all this and showing what Celtic is all about and making me feel so welcome.

Special shout out to my main man Scott Richards who came out and renewed my belief that we are brothers from different mothers.

The next morning, it was off to The Big Apple. The Megabus sheltered us from extreme brass monkey type cold and the free wifi helped the journey pass like Tom Rogic. I was staying on 1st Avenue and 12th St in an apartment that was owned by a guy called Bruce "You can call me Angel" with a twirly mustache. (Sorry Bruce, I don't call any guy "Angel") and was all good. It was a quick freshen up and off to Demseys. Now, there had been a quandary bout this gig, it was the same day as "Santacon" in the city and this meant a million morons in Santa outfits would be marauding round the city. We decided to go ahead anyway and the fact it was a success is all down to Big Tommy from the NY Fenian Bhoys, the sort of guy wouldn't stand beside you in the trenches, he would stand in front of you.

Special shout out to Steven Wright, an old friend, who came and out and strolled down memory lane with me, it was bliss.

Sunday morning, up with the lark and it was Megabus time again, this time to Boston. Arriving there it was cold, I mean rip the face off you type cold. We were met pre gig by James Gillen and it took about 45 seconds to realise he was sound as a pound and before long we were being Ubered to the gig. It was good to see Billy Ramsey again and good to meet his son Conor who is already an encyclopedia of Celtic. The gig was absolutely fantastic and it really was one of those nights that make all the bullshit worthwhile.

Special shout out to the owner of the pub who told me 'I'd love to see the movie but I've been on the rip three days solid"

Then back to NYC for a few days before heading out to California. Getting up at 6am for a 925am flight to San Francisco, I took the L Train, E Train and Air Train to JFK. No issues and on the plane, ready to go, when the pilot announces we are now leaving at 1210pm and need to get off the plane. Worse things happen at sea though and we did leave at 1210pm for a seven hour bumpy flight into the face of a 110 mph wind. This obviously meant a major delay getting in and made a hour journey from the airport take three hours due to rush hour traffic we now had to encounter.

Next day it was off top Sonoma County and a gig there the day after on the Saturday. I love the guys in that CSC. Peter, Jimmy and Isaac aren't just friends, they are like a crew. I had a great time and laughed my ass off for most of it.

Special shout out to Rachel who is like my life coach and had me on the the right track in no time at all. Thank you.

So the tour goes into hibernation until January 13th. It's been great for the most part but equally draining. I have to remind you that everything we do is independent. We don't hate the media but take their publicity, we just hate the media. I pay my own way everything except for my hotel in Philadelphia(Philly CSC) and my flight to California (Sonoma County CSC). It is not a money making operation nor is it the means to a career, writing books and making films is my career. That is why I am immensely grateful for every share, every like, every retweet, every heart, for everyone who books me, who comes out to a gig and who buys a book. Also, for those who take time to send a message of support, it is massively appreciated and acts as my jet fuel.

As for the knockers and begrdugers? Pogue Mahone.

See you in January.

Friday, December 9, 2016

ABC hits Philadelphia

Today is the North American premiere of 'Anyone but Celtic' and, like The Asterisk Years, it is in Philadelphia. The venue is Smith's bar and restaurant on 39 S19th st. 19103 from 5 pm.

People often ask me why certain places are picked and the answer is they aren't, at least not by me. I go where I am invited and that is it in a nutshell. I am always honoured to be asked to come anywhere and the hospitality I have been shown by the Philadelphia CSC has been fantastic.  We are all Celtic.

The city of brotherly love.

There are plenty brothers in ABC but I can assure you none of them love you.

I love the ability to take what I do around the world and tell the stories of what I found out through sources and research with no small amount investigative journalism although the latter is not something I trumpet, there are plenty other card carriers to do that. The story is all that matters.

This isn't "new media" it is just "media" but it requires constant promotion. A lot of folk still don't understand this and it bursts my head as well to be honest (I'd love nothing more than to live in a world where I just focus on the work and someone else did the promotion) but that is the reality for now.  That is why I appreciate every like, every share, every retweet.

They are what get me to the likes of Philadelphia and I hope as many of you as possible can join me today.